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In ascidian, Ciona intestinalis, there are huge numbers of proteins are isolated and identified by 2-D PAGE and MS/MS experiments in CIPRO : Ciona intestinalis Protein Database Project (JST, Japan) . However there are no enough information to know their spacio-temporal localization in the whole-animal. Here we developed a 3DPL : 3-dimentional protein localization database as a part of CIPRO.This database shows each protein's spacio-temporal localization images (Immunolocalization & expression of GFP-fusion protein) and related information (cellular localization, staining method, developmental stage, experimental condition, corresponding author etc) in developmental stage definited by Hotta et al., 2007. The 3DPL can help you to understand the function of each proteins and also use as a comparison of the phenotypes among several mutants by knock-down or over-expression experiment and that of control animals in FABA and FABA2.

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